0% APR Credit Card Balance Transfers For Businesses

Although balance transfers benefit individuals the most, businesses can also gain from 0% APR credit card balance transfers. There are many credit card providers that offer this facility with several benefits in order to entice the businesses to use 0% APR credit cards. Some of these business offers are being described below.

Business Offers For Credit Card Balance Transfer MasterCard has an introductory period of fifteen months for 0% APR credit card balance transfers for businesses. However, during this period the 0% interest rate does not apply to purchases, for which the APR is 7.99% and is based on the average daily balance. The credit line for this card is up to $50,000 and there is no annual fee or transfer fee. There is a 25-day grace period for the for 0% APR credit card balance transfer. The late fee charge is a maximum of $ 39 and a minimum of $15, which is determined by the balance on the due date. There are no incentives like cash; shopping or travel rebates with this card.

Another credit card company charges $75 as annual fee for 0% interest credit card balance transfer for businesses and an additional $35 for a separate credit card for the same account. For online credit card application, the first year’s fee is waived off. This for 0% APR credit card scheme does not offer any grace period but the late fee is never more than $30. If the business opts for a membership rewards program, there is an annual fee of $30. The rewards consist of daily savings on purchases of gas or groceries and on reports on management of expenses. You can also save in the areas of auto rental, hotels, overnight delivery and purchase of computer equipment, but only with the specified merchants.

There are many other credit card companies that offer for 0% APR credit card balance transfer for businesses. Another one of these renowned companies offers 0% interest for a six-month introductory period but this is only for balance transfers. However, if you fill up at any gas station you can get five percent rebate. This credit card offers a credit line ranging from $1000 to $50,000 depending upon the credit worthiness of the business. The APR applicable to such credit lines also varies from 10 to 18 percent. When the introductory period is over, there is a low 4.99 percent APR applicable to the transferred balance which will make it easy for the business to operate and eliminate the debt with the help of for 0% APR credit card. Moreover, this rate is fixed throughout the period of the loan and till such time that the loan is paid back fully.

Balance transfer on for 0% APR credit card is a great way of eliminating debt as you can switch over to low interest loans and thus eliminate your debt faster. The option for 0% APR credit card balance transfer for businesses helps those businesses that have taken on several loans and find it difficult to manage their finances due to the overwhelming impact of interest payments.

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