O % APR Credit Card - A Reality Not A Myth

It is indeed true that many credit card companies have begun to offer 0% APR on certain cards in order to compete better. The 0% APR Credit means that the credit card companies do not charge interest on any purchases made on the card for a certain period ranging between 6 months to 18 months. The offer of 0% APR Credit is only for an introductory period and then the APR reverts to a certain set rate. Most of them also offer 0% APR Credit on balance transfers, cash advances as well as purchases. Many credit card firms also offer $0 liability on unauthorized purchases as well as charge no annual fee for the card. Some cards only offer 0% APR credit on balance transfers and charge a regular APR on purchases that are made, some cards charge Zero APR on purchases but have a different APR for balance transfers. It is a fact that credit card companies offer the 0% APR credit cards with people with a good credit score in mind.

Understanding 0 APR Credit Cards And Their Usage It could indeed work to a person’s advantage to opt for a 0% APR credit card as they save considerable amount of money. It can help pay for unprecedented expenses without having to borrow from high interest charging lenders, it can help you purchase that new expensive equipment that you needed without paying more money out of your pockets than its actual cost. Most of us cannot do without credit cards and so we all have balances on our cards for which we may be paying APR from 13% to even as much as 25%. A Zero APR Credit card can help save thousands of dollars paid as interest on the existing card if we chose a card with 0 APR on balance transfers also. This way before the introductory period expires; people can pay off credit card balances faster. Be sure to check the term of the zero APR credit offer and be sure you do not miss payments as the 0% APR offer may be revoked or nullified qualifying your balance for the higher regular APR.

As an added incentive many credit card firms also offer other benefits to 0% APR card holders such as higher lines of credit, advanced customer services, fraud protection services etc.

Some of the most popular zero APR credit cards {on purchases as balance transfers for 12 months} offered are The Miles Card from Discover® Card, Chase Platinum Business Card, Chase Platinum Card, Chase Flexible Rewards Platinum Card, Chase Business Rebate Card, Citi® Platinum Select® Card, Citi® Diamond Preferred® Card, Disney Visa Card, Discover® Platinum Wildlife Card, The Sony Visa Card etc. You could log online and visit websites that are designed to offer you the maximum help in selecting the right 0% APR credit card.

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