More About 0% APR Credit Cards

0% APR Credit Cards are being offered by almost all the leading credit card firms such as American Express, Chase, Citibank, Discover, Visa etc. It is an undeniable fact that having a credit card can have numerous benefits such as access to cash during emergencies. It can be most convenient while traveling etc. There are so many firms offering excellent credit card options that customers have a wide variety of cards to choose from. With stiff competition in the credit card ranks, the cards are offering competitive APR rates that are to the customer's benefit.

What APR Stands For APR stands for Annual percentage rate; it basically refers to the amount charged {interest plus fees} for the credit offered by the firms. The advantage of using a credit card is the ability to buy now and pay later or at your convenience for any purchases that you may make.

It has become almost mandatory for credit card firms to offer an introductory period when 0% APR credit is offered to the cardholders. Many people may wonder what 0% APR credit card may refer to. 0% APR credit card means that there will be neither fee nor any interest charged on any purchases that may be made on the card. These cards are used by many people to-

Solve outstanding credit card debts by transferring balances from high interest cards to those offering 0% APR credit. This enables them to pay off the debt faster as instead of making the monthly minimum payment where only the interest is paid for, they can use that period to reduce the principal significantly. Make purchases of expensive items that can be paid off before the 0% APR offer expires resulting in considerable savings.

Other Features of APR 0% APR credit cards are not all alike, so if you are interested in getting a 0% APR credit card be certain that you understand all the terms and conditions as well as be alert when the 0% APR offer ends. Find out if there are any fees or extra service charges associated with the card and to what the 0% APR applies. Enquire if there is any cap on the balance transfer and if there is any fee applicable.

There are many websites that provide information regarding all the available credit cards as well as their features and the personal credit situation that makes one eligible for applying for a particular card. Most 0% APR credit cards require very good credit scores or require that the applicant have an excellent credit history.

0% APR credit is offered only for a limited period after which the APR reverts to the regular APR offered by the firm. So it is recommended that you get a card that offers 0 % APR for the longest period as well as get hold of a regular APR that is the best available. There are cards that offer a low APR regularly too, so choose a 0% APR credit card after finding out which card suits your needs the best.

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