Financial Stress and Personal Debt Consolidation

Fifteen to fifty percent of reducing job productivity is related to financial stress. Stress compiles over time when a person consistently makes bad financial decisions, such as ignoring bills that are due, writing checks that are bad, spending more money than one has, and going over the credit limit. This bad pattern can lead to bankruptcy, enormous late fees, collection agencies nagging you, and repossessions. One way to avoid bankruptcy and collection agencies is by enlisting in personal debt consolidation.

If you live day in and day out with the stress of a job interests of financial difficulties, it is just a matter of time before the two collide. We find our body and are mind getting sick from the effects of financial stress. We naturally become distracted at work, missing work a lot due to sickness, and our job productivity decreases. People that have financial problems find their self being distracted and having a hard time concentrating on the simple tasks at hand on the worksite.

Researchers claim that when sex is good it accounts for about 10% of the health in the marriage, but when it is bad that account for 90% of details in the marriage. You can say the exact same thing for money and work. When your finances is good it accounts for 10% of any individuals problems, but when it is bad it accounts for 90% of an individual's problems. The ability to reduce your finances to one monthly payment and one low interest rate is reason enough to seek out personal debt consolidation and decrease this financial stress.

We all are informed about the connection between illness and stress. If you get stressed, it is just a matter of time before you get sick. Anyone who has stressed out over a big test or an enormous project to is fully aware of how stress can wear you down. If an employee is stressed they will get sick, and the employer will pay through time off the employee takes. An employer also pays for medical insurance claims, higher employee turnover, and any amount of work that is not getting done due to the sick employee.

Employers that do not offer an insurance plan can cause the employee even more financial stress due to the fact that they now have to deal with medical bills in addition to their bad credit or personal debt. The medical problem that originally existed has now extended to a financial stress situation that will often lead to more medical difficulties due to the employer not providing insurance. Whichever, way you look at it the result is the same, reduce productivity in the workplace. Many employers provide a physical wellness program that has been proven to increase worker productivity. Personal debt consolidation can really help these individuals that find themselves burdened by credit cards, medical bills and low income due to illness or other problems. Personal debt consolidation will help them get a handle on all of their bills and begin to live a stress free life.

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