Debt Negotiation (How To Negotiate Down A Creditor)

Unfortunately, there are times when we find we cannot fulfill the terms of our financial obligations as such and we find that we need to negotiate new terms in order to satisfy our creditors and to keep our credit in good standing. Debt negotiation is a term often used when we want or need to renegotiate the terms of a financial obligation. The first and most important thing to realize about debt negotiation is that no one is more qualified to negotiate the terms of your debts than you.

Debt negotiation companies often advertise on television and radio and claim that because they have a “special relationship” with creditors they can get you a better deal than you have now or that you can get for yourself. Although there are some legitimate debt negotiation companies, many are not, and they can actually do you and your credit report more harm than good. The truth is that these companies, even the legitimate ones, don’t have any more power than you do.

Save the money you would pay a debt negotiation company to pay on the debt you’re trying to get out from under. If the bill is current, like a credit card that you have paid faithfully, but due to an unforeseen emergency, you won’t be able to make the current payment, then notify the credit card company as soon as you know there will be a problem. Cite the good record you’ve had with them and let them know that for the next say, three months, you’ll only be able to pay half the amount you have been paying.

Most credit card companies as well as other creditors want to work with you. They don’t care much for the sob stories because they hear them every day, but if you find yourself in a spot, communication is your best weapon. Even if they don’t exactly agree to the offer you’re proposing, it will be much better than not paying anything and not saying anything. When it comes to debt negotiation, you are the best person for the job.

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