Debt Negotiation Skills

Debt negotiation is the process of striking a deal with your creditor so that you can pay a reduced portion of the outstanding balance to stratify your debt or to extend the period of repayment. Anyone can become involved in their own debt negotiation or can hire a professional to help them. If you are considering whether or not you need to hire a professional, you should probably be aware of what debt negotiation skills you will need before contacting your creditor.

The skills that you will need when dealing with a creditor are actually fairly simple to describe, but not all people possess them. First, you must know your exact account balance. You should be able to determine how much of this balance is interest and how much are actual charges to the account. When you are aware of the exact numbers associated with the account, you can then think about what you will need to say and do when you call your creditor.

First, be aware that the creditor may tell you that they never enter into debt negotiations. If that is the answer you get, then you will want to ask for a supervisor. Ask again, and if they decline to negotiate, you can write a letting stating that you attempted to negotiate and that you cannot afford to pay under the existing conditions. This may get you a call back from the creditor in record time.

Remember when you do enter into debt negotiation to hold your ground. Don’t allow yourself to be degraded and don’t feel bad about your debt; remember that you are attempting to do something about it. You should attempt to enter into something that is fair and agreeable to both parties, and if you feel as though things are not acceptable to you, than you shouldn’t accept the new terms. The most important debt negotiation skill is to hold your ground and ensure that the terms are agreeable to you and that you are not pressured into anything.

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