Credit Score Rating Scale

The credit score rating scale is a confusing numeric system to understand. There are lots of numbers and every one of them means a different thing. The sooner you understand this scale, the easier it will be for you to do the necessary repairs to improve your score faster.

How your score is composed There are a few things that are reviewed by companies in order for them to compose your credit score. They look at your past payment history. How well you pay your bills and when you pay them. They pay close attention to your outstanding debt. If you have too much debt, your score will be lower. It is also composed of how long you have had your credit history. If you are just starting out, your credit score may be lower even though you do not have any bad points on your report.

Two more important factors for your score Your recent credit applications are another inquiry that companies will look into. If you have too many credit applications made, this will look bad on your report. You should also think about what types of credit and loans you have. You do not want to have a lot of high balances on your credit report. These balances along with high interest rates will go against you and decrease your score.

What is a great score? Any score that is 700 or above is considered a great score. If you have a score with 700 or above, you will have no problem getting credit at a great interest rate. A score of 650 and below defiantly has room for improvement. A score between 650 and 450 needs to be worked on. You will probably have a harder time getting a loan or any type credit without securing it. This means that any loan that you apply for will need to have some kind of collateral in place to secure it. If you have a score of 450 or below, then you desperately need to get some help with your credit. It is likely that you will not get any type of credit or loan unless you receive some form of counseling to improve your score.

Getting the help that you need There is help available for you when you are looking to improve your score. There are places that will offer free credit counseling. They will show you ways to get your score increased and help you be more responsible in your financial decisions. Getting the help now with your score will get you on track faster.

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