Credit Card Fraud

Credit card fraud is one of the biggest ways of identity theft. It is also the easiest way to steal from someone else. Almost everyone has a credit card and more than half of those people use them everyday. There are many ways for people to get your name and credit card numbers. Anyone can get and use this information. It only takes one scamming person to get your information and use it for all that it is worth.

How people can use your credit card If you are someone that uses your credit card on a day-to-day basis, could you name everyone one that you handed that card to? Anyone who has access to your credit card numbers can try to perform credit card fraud. This is scary but something that we should take very seriously. Make sure that you are careful with your receipts. Always tear or shred up any papers that have your credit card numbers on them before you throw them away. Never give out your information over the phone or to anyone that you do not know or your are unsure of. You do not have to feel obligated no matter how hard someone tries to make you give out the information.

Check your statements One great piece of advices is to always check your credit card statements. You want to make sure that you look them over carefully and if there is any suspicious activity on them, question it. Call the customer service department for your credit card and get it straightened out before it gets out of hand.

Get the protection on your card Most credit card services offer a fraud protection plan. This plan may cost you a few extra dollars a year, but it worth it even if you never need to use it. This protection will keep you safe from having to pay any money back that has been stolen. This means that if someone has been using your card, you are not responsible for this debt. This is a great plan to get and one that anyone who has a credit card should invest in.

What happens if you loose a credit card? If you lost or misplaced your credit card, make sure that you report it as soon as possible. Even if you think that you lost it in your house or car, it does not matter. Odds are that you did, but there is a chance that you lost it somewhere else and you never know who may find it. If you report it missing, they can suspend your card until you find it or cancel it if you do not. It is not a big hassle and worth it in the end.

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