Various Applications Of American Express Credit Cards

American Express Credit Cards are becoming very popular as they offer various applications and a wide range of services. American Express has a long history as its first card was issued in 1958 and it offers reliable customer service. These cards have something to offer to each consumer who can choose the application that suits him/her the most. The company has partnerships with several other companies in order to offer various incentives such as airline reward card, cash rebate card or hotel reward card.

Types Of American Express Credit Cards Basically there are four categories of American Express Credit cards and within each category there are many card choices. The categories are Green, Gold, Platinum, and Blue. Among the card choices American Express Green or Gold Card is specifically designed for seniors and the Green or Blue credit card is tailored for students. Besides these cards, the company also offers online credit card applications, which ensure the safety of your personal data.

The Business Gold Rewards Card enables you to earn up to 100,000 points or more in the very first year without any finance charges. Moreover, it offers automatic enrollment in the Membership Rewards® Program. On the other hand, the American Express SimplyCashSM Business Card allows you limitless cash back earning which is automatically credited to your account every month. The cash back can be on Gas, Office supplies and wireless services to the extent of 5% and 1% on all other purchases. The American Express Platinum Business FreedomPass Card offers 5000 bonus points with the first purchase and you can earn one point per dollar. The points do not expire and there is no annual fee. With every 7,500 points you can save $100 on various applications.

The other top American Express credit cards are Blue, Blue Cash and Blue Sky. The Blue American Express Credit Card has an introductory 0% APR period of 15 months and thereafter the APR rate is 11.99%. However, there is no annual fee. With a credit limit of 100,000 dollars there is a grace period of 20 days before the application of penalties. There are many incentives with this card such as one point for every dollar spent and the absence of transaction fee for transferring balances from other credit cards.

The Blue Cash American Express Credit Card has an introductory period of six months for 0% APR but the interest thereafter is 12.99%. There is no annual fee and you can get cash-back rewards of 5% on some special purchases. There is no transaction fee on balance transfers.

The Blue Sky American Express Credit Card is specially suited for people on the move as it offers attractive travel rewards. One point can be earned for every dollar spent and these can be redeemed against hotel and other travel-related expenses. The introductory period of the 0% APR is six months and 12.99% interest is applicable thereafter. Travel insurance is offered as a benefit and balance transfers are also allowed. These American Express credit Cards are accepted throughout the world in thousands of locations.

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