The Various American Express Credit Cards

American Express started 156 years ago as an express delivery service. 108 years later, it entered the age of credit cards in 1958, and the American Express credit cards were instantly accepted by all. Today, there are many different kinds of American Express credit cards for various uses, and are used in more than a million establishments and accessible to more than 600,000 ATMs all over the world.

The Amex Cards American Express, often popularly known as Amex, has gained worldwide popularity, and are widely sought after by many. Some of the American Express credit cards are:

Starwood Preferred Guest Credit Card – This card from American Express offers discounts on Starwood Hotels and other hotels within the organization. You can obtain special rates on Amtrak services, and redeem points for frequent flyer miles. There is no set up fee, but you need to pay $30 annual fee, which is waived for the first year. You are charged an intro APR of 2.90 percent for the first six months, and followed by an APR of 18.24%.

One – This is a great card for shoppers who go on impulse buying. This card creates a “high-yield savings account” with American Express Bank, FSB, for every cardholder. The Savings Accelerator plan deposits 1% of practically every purchase you make into that account. It helps you earn an annual percentage yield of 4.25% - but the rate is variable, as of July 2006.

You pay no maintenance fees, you require keeping no minimum balance, and there are no penalties for withdrawals. The card requires no set up fee, attracts an APR of 14.24%, and you are required to pay an annual fee of $35, which is deferred the first year. Your very first purchase with one earns you a deposit of $50 into your savings account.

Blue Sky – This is another of the American Express credit cards that is ideal for frequent travelers. The card offers no travel restrictions, and substantial travel benefits. Every dollar you spend on this card earns you one point, and every 7500 points is equivalent to $100. You can redeem your points for flights on any airline, for stays in any hotel anywhere, for car rentals at any agency, for cruises on any cruise line, and for booking any travel packages.

The Blue Sky cards do not attract any annual fee and set up fee. For the initial period of six months, the card attracts 0% APR, followed by 13.24% APR. The introductory APR on balance transfer is 4.99%, for the lifetime of the loan, provided you request a balance transfer when applying.

These and various other American Express credit cards available are excellent for people leading different kinds of lifestyles.

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