The Specialty Of American Express Credit Card

In the age of credit cards, American Express Credit Cards provide the best option for consumers. You can find many credit cards in the market but little to beat an American Express credit card. The company is also known as AMEX and it is a well-renowned financial organization that has carved out a prestigious place for itself in the financial world. It issues its own brand of credit card directly to its consumers unlike other companies that have link ups with various banks for operating their credit cards.

Distinguishing Feature Of American Express Credit Cards The other brands of credit cards like MasterCard and Visa are not issued directly by the companies but by the banks with which the credit card companies have working partnerships. These companies only sell their payment systems and survive on the fees that they charge for these systems. On the other hand, American Express credit cards issue their cards themselves and operate the same through their own payment systems. This distinguishing trait makes the American Express credit card very popular, accepted worldwide although its popularity is more predominant in North America and Europe.

The credit cards offered by American Express offer many benefits and incentives like low rates, excellent customer service and attractive rewards. Its blue cards have become very popular because of the attractive rates and the other enticing reward offers.

Types Of American Express Credit Cards The following are the four types of blue cards issued by American Express Credit Services.

American Express Sky Blue: Basically this credit card is meant for people on the move as it offers great travel rewards. There are no black out- dates and you won’t have any travel restrictions. With this card you will be able to travel wherever and whenever you want. There is no annual fee associated with this card and 0% introductory APR is also applicable. The other advantages include discounts on airline tickets, hotel stays and for car rentals. American Express Blue Cash: Great cash back schemes are available with this card as you can get 5% cash back on most of your purchases as against the 1% or 2% cash back cards that other credit card companies offer. American Express Blue Card: Being the original card which was started by American Express, it offers 0% APR for a period of 15 months. Balance transfers attract only 4.99% APR. There is no annual fee and there are many reward programs associated with this card. American Express Jet Blue Card: You can get points whenever you use the Jet Blue Card of American Express for flying on Jet Blue Airways. When you fly for the first time on Jet Blue you can earn 5,000 points instantly.

An American Express Credit Card is the best credit card as it offers great deals and numerous benefits. The rates offered by the company are very attractive and the customer service is very convenient. The reward schemes are also very attractive.

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