The Efficacy of American Express Credit Cards

American Express Credit Cards are the best way to prevent you from being victims of credit card frauds. Many people do become victims of such frauds and can do very little to prevent it. That is why American Express Credit Cards have come up with a means to minimize such frauds.

American Express Credit Cards centralizes its transaction verification and also its Merchant Account tracking. It is also less likely to be targeted since Visa and MasterCard have a strong hold in the credit card market. The customer care service is much more prompt and friendly while handling credit card fraud cases, if any. It is a proven fact that customers of American Express who have been victims of credit card frauds, got their card reimbursed immediately without any delays.

Disposable Credit Cards In 2002, American Express launched Amex Private Payments as part of the enhanced services under American Express Credit Cards. Under this scheme, potential customers get one time disposable credit card numbers so that fraudulent cases are minimized to a great extent. It just becomes a matter of reporting the loss of card on time. People can also take resort to firms that are appointed by Federal Agencies and handle refund requests issues. They are equipped with qualified professionals who can deliver to you prompt service at no additional cost.

When you lose your credit card, you tend to change your bank or cancel your transaction through credit card altogether. It is very important for you as a customer to be prompt and report it to your bank that the credit card is stolen. A bank, no matter how renowned it is, will be unable to block your continuing transactions even after your credit card is stolen and there is no reporting of such a loss. That is why American Express Credit Cards have thought of a one time disposable credit card to stop credit card frauds.

American Express Credit Cards service centers are efficient enough to handle your credit card loss problem. For your convenience there is also a FTC hotline number, which also handles a large number of credit card fraud cases. In case you are unable to reach the American Express Credit Cards customer service, which is rare, you can reach out to these hotline numbers to report your problem. If your bank is unable to or refuses to reimburse lost charges that are over sixty days old, you can always take recourse to Federal authorities and let them handle your case and the bank in the manner best deemed fit.

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