Measure Taken By American Express To Protect Your Cards

American Express has taken several measures to protect the privacy and security of its cardholders. The latest in technology is used to protect the account numbers. This is to ensure that fraud and identity theft are protected against as much as possible.

Authorized User Verification is a feature that has been adopted to enhance security. They use zip code and CID verification techniques. When the card is used, the cardholder is asked for a zip code, which is then verified. The Card Identification Digits, or CID, is used in a similar fashion to verify when cardholders shop online.

American Express also offers the fraud protection guarantee that will ensure that cardholders will not be held responsible for fraudulent charges when they use their cards.

Account Alerts is another feature that enables vital information regarding the account to be made available whenever and wherever the cardholder may need. Cardholders can be notified when payments are due, when payments have been received, when abnormal activity is detected on the cards, and when credit/spending limits have been reached. The messages can be sent via email, pager, mobile phones, or PDA.

Fraud Protection Tips Offered By American Express American Express advocates certain fraud protection tips to its cardholders, such as Never permit anyone else to use your card. Sign the back of the card immediately. Destroy old and discarded cards immediately. Take adequate measures to protect your card just as you would protect cash. Secure your account number, taking precautions to protect it by refraining from writing it down and leaving it where it can be found and used by others. Never write your card number on a check. Draw a line through the blank lines of the charge slip. Make sure you use your card only on secure web pages if you shop online. Never commit the mistake of writing the PIN on the card. Never give your card number or account number to people you does not know. Make sure you preserve your charge slips and compare when the statements arrive. Keep records of your credit card number to refer to in case it gets stolen and report the theft immediately to the issuer. Cardholders may also subscribe to CreditSecure®, a credit protection and monitoring service.

It can be a real boon to have a credit card, making it possible to buy things now and pay at your convenience. But those who have no control can turn the situation to their disadvantage because they may spend far more they can afford. This may cause them to get caught in a debt treadmill; credit card companies offer a reprieve to these people with 0 APR cards, which can help them, pay off the outstanding debt. For those who can manage their finances effectively, credit cards are indeed beneficial.


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