Make Your Dreams A Reality With An American Express Credit Card

An American Express Credit Card is a small plastic card that gives you the power to shop for your dreams. Instead of withdrawing money from your account every time you make a purchase, this card allows you to borrow money. This is extremely useful in emergencies because you can purchase stuff even if you haven’t got a dollar saved up in your bank account.

You Have The World In Your Wallet With American Express American Express Credit Cards are available with a zero percent APR rate. These cards allow you to make interest-free purchases for an introductory period of 6 months. Some popular ones are Blue and Blue Cash. Many folks have used these cards to borrow cash free of charge and shopped their hearts out. American Express also offers special credit cards for students and small business owners.

American Express has one of the highest credit limits offered by companies in the United States. This allows you to spend according to your need without the fear of maxing out your card. It also has 24-hour customer service, which you can call to resolve credit card or banking issues. If you lose your card or it is stolen at any time, we will see to it that you easily get a replacement.

The rewards program of the card offers you points for certain purchases which can later be exchanged for gifts, discounts, and memberships at partner companies. The card offers car rental loss and damage insurance that covers theft or breakage of vehicles borrowed from rental agencies. Moreover, American Express credit cards also provide travel accident insurance of up to a $100,000.

Other American Express Credit Cards like the Gold Delta SkyMiles® card or the JetBlue Card offer lucrative deals on airline mileage, travel, hotel reservations, and eating out. Additional discounts are offered on gas, entertainment, and shopping purchases at certain establishments. American Express also offers a savings accelerator plan to customers who have very good credit. This plan enables folks to earn a cash rebate of 1% on certain purchases which is deposited into a high yield saving account in the purchaser’s name.

American Express Credit Cards is a leading credit card brand that is accepted for payments in millions of global business concerns. It is recognized by folks in almost every corner of the world from Brazil to Europe and Australia. The awesome offers and low interest rates have led to American Express being one of the most preferred choices of cardholders. Don’t be left out of the pack. Give yourself a leg up and take advantage of the deals offered by signing up for an American Express Credit Card right away.


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