How To Keep Your American Express Credit Cards From Being Misused

American Express has been in the business of issuing credit cards since 1958. By 1963, more than a million American Express charge cards were in use in the United States as well as elsewhere. Today, American Express credit cards are used in millions of establishments worldwide, and are your partner while traveling, shopping, dining, or on business. These cards are also accessible to more than 600,000 ATMs all over the world, and are a trustworthy companion.

Safety Tips With the increased use of American Express credit cards worldwide, there is an increased risk of the cards being misused. You need to follow certain safeguards to ensure that you minimize the chances of your card being misused. From its own side, American Express goes out of the way to ensure that peculiar and fraudulent transactions are immediately detected and the usage of your cards immediately blocked. This is what you can do to ensure your American Express credit cards are not misused:

Immediately on receipt, sign on your American Express credit cards with a ball point pen. At all establishments, ensure that you enter all the details correctly and completely, before signing the charge slip. Your signature should match the signature on the reverse of your card. Transaction verification of your cards should be carried out in your presence. The card should always be visible to you, and should not be carried out into a back room, etc. At a restaurant or a hotel, try to pay directly to the cashier, instead of handing over to a waiter. Do not sign more than one receipt for a single transaction. If any extra copies have been made, ensure all, including the carbon copies, are destroyed in your presence. Remember to collect your card back after each purchase. Keep a photocopy of your card, both the front and the reverse, in a safe place at home. Inform your bank immediately you lose or misplace your card.

What You Should Not Do

There are certain things you should not do to ensure your American Express credit cards are not misused.

Do not lend your credit cards to anyone. Do not, ever, disclose your card details such as the card number, expiry date, PIN etc to anyone. Details of your American Express credit cards should never be given over the phone, unless you are sure who is on the other side. Do not disclose your PIN to anyone. Memorize your PIN and do not ever write it on your card.

The misuse of your American Express credit cards can cost you, and you need to ensure that they are never misused by keeping them safe.

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