How American Express Credit Card Scores Over Others

Credit cards have revolutionized the way we spend our money and American Express credit cards are moving ahead in the race to become the most popular credit cards with the highest advantages. Basically, a credit card allows you to buy whatever you like even if you don’t have the financial resources for the same and then repay the amount in a fixed period of time. It’s obvious that some people misuse this facility and end up going down in debt. However, if used judiciously, credit cards can prove to be of immense help in managing your financial situation.

American Express Credit Card Vs Other Cards The major credit cards other than the American Express credit cards are MasterCard and Visa which are merely payment systems. The companies operating these credit cards do not issue these cards themselves but they have forged relationships with innumerable banks worldwide which perform all the functions such as issuing the credit cards, furnishing the required finances, sending the bills to the customers, charging them interest and offering rewards. The consumers are required to pay their bills directly to the bank and Visa and MasterCard are not involved in these operations.

On the other hand, American Express issues its own credit cards, provides the necessary funds, sends out its bills, charges interest and receives payments against the bills. It has its own payment system and it owns the entire set up and manages everything itself. When you use an American Express credit card you will know exactly what is involved in using it. The terms of the credit card are clearly defined by the company and there are no ambiguities.

The popularity of American Express credit cards is more predominant in Europe and North America whereas Visa and MasterCard are popular throughout the world. However, American express credit cards are now making their presence felt in all corners of the world as their network is expanding constantly.

American Express credit cards are significantly distinguishable because of their reward schemes. The incentives offered by them are appreciated by most consumers and prove to be enough enticement for more and more people to sign up with them.

As Visa or MasterCard is operated through various banks which have different terms, you will need to find out which bank offers the best rates. However, in the case of American Express credit cards, you don’t need to go through any such exercise as you can approach the company directly and avail of their services which have the same rates and terms everywhere. Depending on your credit rating you will be able to find a credit card with the lowest rates.

American Express Credit cards has a unique scheme of offering a Blue Card that has a lot of positive aspects which includes high security, no annual fee, and an introductory period of 0% APR for about one year. After the expiry of this period the company offers a very low rate and fee for this American Express Credit card.

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