Get The Best Of American Express Credit With A Business Gold Card

American Express Credit Cards provides attractive offers on its Business Gold Card. This card is specially meant for folks who own a business and have a good credit history. The business gold card is a charge card and so requires that the balance be paid in full every month. It has an awesome rewards program; and if you have many business-related expenses then this card is just what you need.

Features Of The American Express Business Gold Card This American Express credit card has no fixed spending limit though items bought are approved keeping in mind your credit record, account history, and personal resources. Because this is a charge card, your balance cannot be shifted, which prevents you from running up a huge credit card debt. The first year is free after which the main cardholder is charged a yearly fee of $125 while additional cardholders are charged $45. The rate for cash advances is 3% with a minimum of $5 for Express Cash transactions.

The Business Gold Card provided by American Express Credit Cards is popular because of its profitable reward program. You are awarded one point for every dollar you spend and earn extra points for buying from selected supermarkets, gas stations, drug stores or paying phone bills. Bonus points of 5,000 to 20,000 may be won when you reach different levels of spending. These points have no maximum limit and never expire. The points you earn can later be redeemed for your choice of merchandise or services. An American Express Credit Card like the Business Gold Card also allows you to access your account information on the Internet. What’s more, you won’t face any liability for unauthorized online transactions. When you use your card to buy online, you can get free shipping and handling from selected companies. Folks who travel for business purposes will find this American Express Credit Card really handy as it provides assistance in planning your trip and other travel related services. It also arranges insurance for lost luggage, car rental, and travel-related accidents. The card guarantees hotel and motel reservations and has an emergency checkin service that gets you a room during a surprise cross-country trip.

The card also offers medical and legal referral services in case you find yourself in an accident or problem with the law. Additionally, stuff you buy is entitled to an extended warranty. The card also ensures price protection services for purchases. Most business owners have found that this American Express Credit Card is the best when it comes to purchasing and traveling for business. Extremely cost effective, this card can help you get a lot more for less. Start spending wisely; apply for a Business Gold Card from American Express credit cards today.


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