Be A Privileged Blue Member With American Express Credit Card

This article will be a resourceful piece of information for potential customers who are planning to become a member of the American express family. If you are planning to get a credit card from American Express, then there are generally three American Express Credit Card options that you look at. The Blue, Blue Cash and Blue Sky are the three most sought after American Express credit cards. We will discuss here the first two.

Get Your Blue Card Today The Blue American Express Credit Card gives you 0% APR for the first fifteen months, following which you are entitled to pay a regular APR of 11.99%. The best things with Blue American Express Credit Cards are that you do not have to pay any annual fees. For a customer who is using the services of the Blue American Express Credit Card, there is a credit limit of up to one thousand dollars. A customer can also apply for additional Blue American Express Credit Cards for their family members free of cost. As a member of this program, you can also sign up for Free Credit Reward Program, which gives you a point for every dollar you spend. These points can be exchanged for travel awards and also other purchases. There is absolutely no transaction fee for the balance transfer done from other credit cards. For lifetime benefit you have to pay only a fixed APR of 3.99%.

The Blue Cash American Express Credit Cards also gives a customer 0% APR for the first six months. After the expiry of six months, customers have to pay an annual rate of 12.99%. Like Blue American Express Credit Cards, you do not have to pay any annual fees. This card comes with cash back offers on select purchases also on payment of monthly bills. Any kind of balance transfers does not call for transaction fees under this scheme. The Blue Sky American Express Credit Cards were specially designed for traveling folk. You earn a point for every dollar spend and can be redeemed later for travel awards, booking hotels and car rentals and so on.

The American Express Credit Cards can be used in thousands of locations worldwide. You can also avail the special American Express Credit Card services especially the Tiger Woods Credit Card benefits. You can avail special discount rates on golfing sessions and also on your cart rental fee. The twenty-four hours American express customer care services is there to answer your queries regarding American Express Credit Card schemes.

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