American Express Credit Cards

American Express Credit cards have been pioneers in using "cause marketing" tactics to ensure growth and success. The most successful campaign was the 1983 promotion where the company affirmed the donating of a penny for each purchase made through the card to finance the renovation of the Statue of Liberty. The company made a contribution of $1.7 million that also was beneficial to the company as it resulted in a 28% increase in American Express Card usage.

American Express also conducted a drive against hunger and poverty, which was highly successful as it generated $22 million. It was termed "Charge against hunger" which was conducted on behalf of a charity.

American Express And Product Red American Express joined hands with Product Red and launched the American Express Red card to fight against AIDS. This card is available only in UK. What makes this card unique is that it transfers 1% of all purchases made on the card to the Global Fund to fight AIDS, TB and Malaria. This ensures that 100 % of the donations reach the fund. American Express also offers Red deals that are unique to its Red card members. It also offers a REDpass that offers many exciting features. Additional members can be added and the card requires that those who apply have 20,000 pounds annually as well as a valid bank account. The card has an APR of 12.9% and monthly payments have to be made on time.

What Are The Products On Offer? American Express carries out various campaigns using top Ad agencies as well as top stars to attract customers as they want to retain their card members as well as recruit new members. They offer various cards such as charge cards as well as General-purpose credit cards and limited-purpose credit cards. It offers charge cards such as the American Express® Personal, Gold, and Platinum Cards. Charge cards charge an annual fee and there are no set limits as the customers agree to pay the full amount charged each month, hence no finance fee is charged either.

General purpose credit cards of American Express can be used to make any kind of purchase such as pay for hotel rooms, dinner, for cloths that are purchased, pay the doctor's fee etc. Limited purpose credit cards are used to buy only certain specific stuff such as gas etc.

American Express offers different cards making it convenient as almost anybody can find a card that suits their needs. The one thing they have to be careful is not to run up a debt as they spend on all their cards, making it impossible to make payments, which may have serious consequences. It will be recommended to make sure you make at least minimum payments on time and that in case you are overwhelmed consult a professional to assist you in solving your debt.

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