American Express Credit Cards Specifically For Small Businesses

Credit cards have virtually eliminated the need for cash to make any purchase. Apart from cards for individuals, American Express credit cards have also been specifically designed for small businesses. A large variety of these cards meant specifically for small businesses have been introduced by American Express. Many benefits and incentives are also provided by the company along with these cards. These benefits include shopping incentives and travel concessions. There are many cards that offer low APR for the introductory period, pre-determined limits and no annual fee.

Various Types Of American Express Credit Cards For Small Businesses For people on the move there are many credit cards offering several rebates and incentives. These include Delta Skymiles Business Credit card, Business Platinum Card, Platinum Delta Skymiles Business Credit Card, Gold Delta Skymiles Business Credit Card, Skypoints Business Credit Card and Platinum Freedom Business Credit Card.

If you wish to avail of cash back offers along with other incentives, you can choose any card from the following: Business Green Rewards Card, Platinum Business Cash Rebate Card, Business Gold Rewards Cards, True Earnings Business Card and Blue Cash for Business Card.

A very popular American Express Credit Card for small businesses is the Platinum Business Credit Card that does not charge any annual fee and provides an introductory period of 12 months for its 0% APR scheme. Many reward schemes are also available notably from many locations in shopping, entertainment, airlines and hotels and you can earn limitless points from these rewards that do not expire.

The Blue Cash for Business Credit card offered by American Express for small businesses has many advantages such as no annual fee, 5% cash rebate, a six-month introductory period with 0% APR and limitless additional cards without any fee.

There are many benefits offered by True Earnings Business Card from Costco and American Express for small businesses. These include low warehouse prices for buying business products from Costco and great cash-back offers for making any purchase with the card. Besides the cash-back offers on eating at a restaurant, home delivery and for traveling you can get 1% cash back whenever you use the card. An introductory period of three months is offered with 0% APR.

All the above American Express Credit Cards for small businesses have many more benefits that include insurance cover for whatever you buy, travel accident insurance and insurance to cover car rental loss and damage. The travel accident insurance can yield up to $100,000 for accidental death or for dismemberment if the full fare has been paid through the card. An extended payment option is also offered so that flexible payments can be made for large purchases. Emergency service facilities are also offered and you can view all your accounts online.

The above features of American Express credit cards for small businesses have made them a very attractive proposition, which yields several benefits. You can choose the credit card that will suit your requirements the most.

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