American Express Credit Cards For Different Needs

American Express credit cards conduct business in more than 130 countries around the world. Our credit cards are specially tailored to meet the needs of different groups of folks, right from students to small business owners. A few of the popular cards available in the market today are Blue from American Express, Blue Cash and the Optima Platinum Card. There are also city-specific cards such as the New York City Card and Los Angeles Card for people who live in these cities to benefit from.

A Variety Of Cards To Choose From American Express credit cards offer you a choice with different benefits and interest rates. Depending on your unique situation, you can look through the cards and choose the most optimal one for your situation. Here are details of some of the most popular credit cards. ‘Blue’ from American Express is touted as a card for the common man. It offers a zero percent APR for the first 15 months and a grace period up to 20 days to pay back the amount you spent. Plus, there is no annual membership fee even for add-on cards for your family. It also offers a fixed APR of 3.99% to pay off balances from your other cards.

‘Blue Cash’ is another popular personal card. Like ‘Blue’ it has a starting APR of zero percent and no annual charges. Additionally, cardholders get 5% cash back in all transactions and purchases. You won’t be charged if you need to transfer balances from MasterCard, Discover or Visa cards while for other cards there is a fixed APR of 4.99%. ‘Blue for students’ is an American Express credit card that is available only to those who have been admitted into an accredited 4-year college or university and are permanent U.S residents. This card has a grace period of 25 days and does not charge an annual fee. It offers an introductory APR of 8.90% for the first 6 months. City specific American Express credit cards like the ‘Chicago card’ have a zero APR on purchases and balance transfers for 6 months. There is a reward system allowing customers to earn points for shopping which can be redeemed for products in cities like Chicago, Los Angeles and New York. The card also offers rebates of around 10% at stores, spas and health clubs in the city as well as free memberships and tickets to clubs or concerts.

No matter whom you are—a working professional, a student, a small business owner or a corporate giant—American Express has the perfect card for you. Check out the features of our mixed bag of American Express credit cards and select a card according to your lifestyle needs. Your choice can guarantee you a better future.


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