American Express Credit Cards Are The Best

American Express, also known as AMEX, which provides various financial services worldwide, offers American Express Credit Cards. Apart from credit cards, American Express also offers charge cards and traveler’s checks. American Express has been ranked as the 14th most valuable brand in the world with a net worth of $19.64 billion and it is one of the 30 stocks, which form a part of Dow Jones Industrial Average.

Distinguishing Features of American Express Most credit cards offer cash incentives for spending thus encouraging the credit card users to get into the habit of spending and building up their debts. American Express Credit Cards, however, opens a high yield savings account in the name of the cardholder and deposits a cash rebate of 1% of the value of the purchase into this account. The investment in this account is FDIC insured and it has a 4% annual percentage yield.

An American Express Credit Card is a very prestigious card offered by American Express. As opposed to the other big names in the world of credit cards, i.e. Master Card and Visa Credit card, American Express itself issues American Express credit cards. Their companies do not issue Master Card and Visa cards, as they are only payment systems for allowing the various locations to accept payments. These cards are issued by many banks with which these companies have formed partnerships. These banks also provide the necessary credit and charge interest to the clients and also offer incentives. The payments are also made to the issuing banks by the customers. All other features of these credit cards such as interest rates, rewards and 0% balance transfers are also finalized by the banks.

On the other hand, American Express issues its credit cards to its customers directly and they follow their own payment system. Although this card is not as widely used throughout the world, as are the Visa and MasterCard, it is more prevalent in Northern America and Europe. The American Express credit card does not have to charge the retailer for using their system nor does it need to charge the bank, which is the practice followed by Visa and MasterCard.

The popularity of the American Express credit card is increasing by the day and its network is also spreading throughout the world. The other advantages of an American Express credit card include the following: this card is widely accepted in North America and Europe; very attractive terms are offered by the company including convenient rates, attractive customer service and alluring incentives and rewards. If you wish to experience a very high level of service and attractive terms, there is nothing better than an American Express credit card. It is the right choice if you need an exclusive credit card that offers excellent service.

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